Austrian Bedding Company
100% Pure Duck Down Duvets

Duck down duvets are very soft, light and warm. They are filled with the very
finest white duck down, providing warmth without weight. The down-proof
covers are made from densely-woven white Egyptian cotton.

Duck Down Duvets come in four sizes: Single, Double, King Size and Super
King Size. Special sizes can be made to order.

With our special stitching, we can also provide  variable thickness in the same
duvet making one side warmer or cooler than the other.
We also offer an after-sales topping–up service We can add or remove down as

All our products are made to very high Continental standards. Only the finest
quality materials are used.

For further information and advice, speak to Isolde 020 7372 3121
Austrian Bedding Co. 205 Belsize Road London NW6 4AA   020 7372 3121
135 x 200cm
Double Size
200 x 200cm
King Size
230 x 220cm
Super King Size
260 x 220cm
Any special sizes or requirements can be made to order
No Postal Charge
Free UK Delivery
Real Eider Down
We are able to supply real
Eider down-filled duvets in
all sizes to order.
Prices on application.