Other Specialist Services

  • Special Sizes Duvets and pillows can be made to

  • After-sales Topping–up Service We can add or
    remove down as required.

  • Variable Thickness With our special stitching, we
    can also provide  variable thickness in the same
    duvet making one side warmer or cooler than the

  • Change of Size We can transfer the down from
    your old duvet into a new larger cover and top it up
    with new down, which means a considerable saving.

  • Mail Order Service We also offer a mail order

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For more information speak to
Isolde  020 7372 3121
Austrian Bedding Co. 205 Belsize Road, London NW6 4AA   020 7372 3121  isolde@austrianbedding.com

Recycle your Duvet

Let us clean, re-cover and revitalise your
duvet and pillows

  • The service we offer is not a dry-cleaning process,  
    which would be harmful to down fillings. Our cleaning
    process consists of the following stages:

  • The down is removed by suction into the machine,
    where it is thoroughly de-dusted and all
    disintegrated down is discarded.

  • Then it is washed, tumble-dried and filled into a new
    down-proof cover and, if required, topped up.
    Covers cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced.

  • Our covers are made from 100% down-proof cotton
    fabric, the best available. The type of stitching used
    holds the filling in place better than channels.
Duvet and Pillow Cleaning Prices
Austrian Bedding Company

  • To keep your duvets and pillows in
    tip-top condition, we  offer a first-
    class cleaning  and re-covering

  • To clean and recover a duvet costs
    less than half  the price of a new

  • A duvet should ideally be serviced
    every 5 - 6 years and pillows every
    3 - 4 years
  Cleaning the Down
New Down-Proof Cover
Single Size
140 x 200cm
Single extra long
140 x 220cm
Single extra wide
160 x 200cm
Single extra long & wide
160 x 200cm
Double Size
200 x 200cm
King Size
230 x 220cm
Super King Size
260 x 220cm
If you have any questions, please contact us.
+ Postage  £10.00 per duvet.  £5.00 per pillow.       Same Day Cleaning is available by appointment

For advice about extra filling and cost, please speak to one of our experienced staff.
020 7372 3121  
The Duvet Specialists
Specialist Duvet Cleaning
  Cleaning the Down
New Down-Proof Cover
English Size
47 x 74cm
French Size
65 x 65cm
German Size
80 x 80 cm

Austrian Bedding Company

Austrian Bedding Company

Austrian Bedding Company