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Isolde Lawler, The Austrian Bedding Company

If I find a duvet I have purchased from you is too warm or not warm enough, can you help?

Yes. We have the machinery to adjust your duvet, adding or removing some down.

If one of two persons using the duvet is much colder than the other, can anything be done?

Yes, with our unique kind of stitching you can have more down on one side, making it thicker and therefore warmer.

How often should a duvet be cleaned and re-covered?

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland it is recommended that duvets are cleaned every 5-6 years and pillows every 3-4 years. However, we have cleaned and re-covered some as old as 30 years or more and they have ended up looking like new because the quality of the down was excellent.

We have changed from a double bed to a King Size one. Can we have our duvet made larger?

Yes, we can do this by transferring your down into a larger cover and adding more down.

This works out much cheaper than buying a new duvet.

What size duvets and pillows do you stock?

We stock duvets in all sizes, standard length and extra long, as well as English, French and German pillows.

How long can I expect my duvet to last?

Our Goose Down Duvets are the Rolls Royce of duvets, filled with the finest quality down available and will last 20-30 years with some servicing in between.

If you do not see the answer to your question here, please call 020 7372 3121 or email austrianbedding@hotmail.co.uk